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Environmental Services

Many building systems and storage facilities built earlier in this century were constructed of materials that have been proven harmful to the environment and the public. Among these are asbestos and lead containing materials. Also, toxic mold that occurs in the occupied spaces proven to be health hazard for the individuals who are sensitive to mold spores. To properly abate and remediate these health hazards, certain guidelines to be followed by trained and licensed workers and supervisors. MAC has completed many such projects on time and within budget.

MAC has the history and experience in this highly regulated industry.  We have performed more than 500 asbestos abatement projects. Asbestos abatement has been the hallmark of our service offerings throughout our history. We have a proven track record in the proper abatement of asbestos-containing materials, while keeping our workers safe.

Concerns about mold and indoor air quality have grown dramatically in recent years, with a significant increase in mold-related insurance claims. Our supervisors and work force are trained in mold remediation activities.  We are well versed in the cleanup of indoor air contamination in mold-contaminated buildings.

We employ the most up-to-date, effective and proven mold remediation solutions. We respond promptly and provide cost-effective mold decontamination disinfections, HEPA vacuuming, air scrubbing and sanitizing to remediate affected spaces as soon as possible. 

MAC offers selective demolition services and has performed many demolition projects. When the project involves the removal of all building structures, MAC remediates the site of all hazardous materials including asbestos, lead PCB’s assuring our clientele that the work will be completed on time and in the safest and most cost-effective manner possible.

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